Thanks for having Joanne and I on your show. You guys were so great! There’s one thing I’d like to add on a more positive note. I publish a business honor roll: www.servicepoodle.com/business-honor-roll. Everybody always talks about problems and challenges going into businesses with a psychiatric service dog. Nobody celebrates the MANY business that handle us appropriately or even welcome us enthusiastically. If you need some good news, please take a look. Thanks again, your show is great!

Joanne S.


Thanks so much for remembering us at Christmas with a card. We have been missing you and all of your help. — Mary, January 10, 2010


Jennifer Langley October 21 at 1:15pm
My dog and I have been clients of Robert’s and Michele’s for over a year. We’ve done private classes, group classes and I’ve boarded my dog with them several times. I’ve worked with a lot of trainers and the difference I’ve found with Robert and Michele is that, they don’t train by a one size fits all recipe. They really take the time to get to know your dog and you, and work with everyone as the individuals that they are. I would (and do) recommend Robert and Michele to anyone who has a dog.


Julie Guarino October 21, 2009
Michele asked me to be a reference for her re: dog training. I brought my puppy, Buck, to DDW because we were having problems with obedience training. I have worked with dogs my whole life, but Buck was a challenge because he’s a very high energy and intelligent dog. Michelle evaluated Buck and then helped me develop a much better working relationship with my dog. She taught me how to persuade my dog to listen to my commands and look forward to performing whatever I asked from him. Buck is now nearly a year and a half old. He won a companion dog show last year
and we are now in training as a therapy dog team.
I have referred several clients to DDW. I love the way they guide dogs and owners and bring out the best in both. I strongly recommend Michele and I am certain you will be happy with the results.

Michele, I give you permission to give this client my email or phone number if she would like any further information.


Chris Bridge October 21, 2009
Hello, Michelle is working with me and my Certified Animal Assisted Therapy Dog. We are required to re-evaluate every 2 years to continue volunteering. She is helping us not only prepare to pass the evaluation, but giving us the confidence to know that we are READY and CAN pass the evaluation.
I love the way that Michele trains with genuine love for my dog, something that a Therapy Dog recognizes, and requires. I strongly recommend Michele as a trainer for you and your 4-legged companion.
Michele, I give you permission to give this client my e-mail and/or phone number.


Aly Jabrocki October 21, 2009
Michelle and the staff of DDW did a great job helping us train our very high-drive, teenage border collie. She worked with us on how to establish a positive, respectful relationship with one another that was not based on excessive treating, but rather praise. At first, we were skeptical, but now we have a loving member of our family that wishes to do anything he can to please us. We even learned how to better read his body language to prevent him from getting distracted by moving objects and other dogs. Because of her expertise and assistance, we now have a calmer, happier dog who is finally focused enough to have good manners and begin flyball training!


Trish Saunders wrote:

It was great to meet you! I enjoyed our conversation regarding children with autism and service dogs that can assist them! I will be speaking with the director of Special Education in Aurora Public Schools soon.

I also wanted to thank you so much for the iPod Shuffle (she won it in our monthly drawing). What a great little apparatus to have! I am enjoying music while working on my computer.

Thank you again and warmest regards.


Kelley Whalen September 18, 2009

Robert and Michele, I just want to say thank you for bringing Hugh Neff to Prairie Middle School. The kids enjoyed learning from him as did I. What a phenomenal experience! I’ll be donating his book to the library (as soon as I am done reading in) and will find a home for his photos he signed. Than you again for your generosity.


From: lynne Devlin
Date: February 5, 2010
Subject: reference

To Whom it may Concern:

My eight month old boxer was a terror. He did not listen, and he absolutely refused to learn any of the good manners necessary for him to be a good family member.

Ours is a household of of four adults and five children. We require some order to keep us all sane.

In desperation, I called Denver Dog Works and had the great, good fortune to meet Michelle.

Michelle’s training methods are focused and sure. She displays great patience and determination with the dogs in her care and I was particularly impressed that Michelle insisted on training our entire family as well as our dog. As a result, we learned a lot about ourselves and together, we learned how to get the very best behavior from our boxer.

Today, all is well. Jagger is a joy to be with. He is still the same fun loving boxer but now he understands that good manners result in good times for him and for all of us.

I wholeheartedly recommend Denver Dogs Works and Michelle.


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