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Blog Challenges: 30 Days About Me from a Daily Dose of Toni

Today’s topic: Goonies….

I enjoy traveling. I like to call it exploring.  When I was young we’d always travel to the same few places in California.  I realize California is a big state, but how I longed to travel outside the state lines.  When I was 20 I left California, I’ve been roaming ever since.

I love exploring the places around my home, getting out on the trails and just enjoying nature.





I have a bucket list of adventures….

New Zealand
Serum Run (great way to see the interior of Alaska)
Washington DC (Museums)
Pacific Coast from Seattle to San Diego and back again

I’m sure as I grow older and life begins to slow down, my bucket list will change and expand.  I’ve been to many places with my best friend.  There are lots of places I’d like to return to.

I changed the name of today’s topic which originally was Somewhere You’d Like to Travel.  You see whenever I travel I make it a point to do something “Goonie-like”.  I like to use my Urbanspoon app and chose a local restaurant on a whim.  I love
learning about the place I’m visiting from the locals.  The give the best tips on the best places to enjoy while you’re there. Be more than a tourist.

If you remember the movie Goonies, then you’ll understand why I proclaim myself a Goonie.  Get out there and explore – go on a treasure hunt because you can!

Goonies never say die!


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