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Blog Challenges: 30 Days About Me from a Daily Dose of Toni

Today’s topic: Photo Then & Now….

In the first picture, I am 27, beginning a brand new chapter in my life.  This photo was taken by my husband Robert.  At this time, he was my best friend.  Little did I know that this friendship would change my entire future.  Not long after this photo was taken I began mushing!

In this picture, I am 39 years old, standing in the yard of my new home in Willow, Alaska.  A long way from Colorado.  I am holding the newest edition for Robert’s dog sledding team and the beginning of Team Ineka.  When Robert met me in 1999, he
told me about a dream to run the Iditarod, life got in the way, he raised my three kids, and put his dream on hold.
Now the kids are teenagers and we are all involved in helping him realize his dream, finally!


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