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Blog Challenges: 30 Days About Me from a Daily Dose of Toni

Today’s topic: Something I Hate

Well this is quite interesting….being a girl, we are taught that being hateful is not lady-like in the least bit.  That goes along with saying no, being assertive, taking charge, and making decisions on our own.

Women have come a long way in our fight for equality.  I am proud of what my great grandmother,
grandmother, aunts, and even my mother have done for me.  I only hope that I have continued the fight for my daughter and grandchildren (possible grandchildren).

In the news we are plagued with scenery of oppressed women and children in foreign countries, walk along any metropolitan street in America, Canada, Europe and you will see women facing oppression daily in different degrees.  No one should be
faced with disease, starvation, humiliation, rape, belittlement, brutality or any other form of violence used to control.

Wake UP!  Stand UP!

If not for yourself then for your daughters and granddaughters.

I hate inequality.



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