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Songs of MY Lifetime…

Just for fun…..I thought it would be interesting to see how music has changed over the years.  I was born in 1972.  The following is a compilation of Billboard Top songs for the year I was born and then subsequently every decade since…..should I mention I turn 40 in 2012!

Music is part of my life and has been since the day I was born.  My grandfather was an accomplished musician and was part of the Hawaiian Orchestra and even played for Elvis.  I myself played the clarinet for a little while.  My daughter plays the piano and
guitar and is learning to write her own music.  My husband plays guitar and writes his own music.

Amazing how hearing a certain song can bring back memories, smells, and feelings, but hearing that same song later in life can hold a completely different meaning and affect on us.  Truly amazing.

How has music affected your life?  Feel free to share the music of your life through the decades with me, it’ll be fun!


My first record!  Yes, record.   My dad gave me this record for my 8th birthday. I had never heard it nor had I heard of Roberta
Flack.  I shrugged my shoulders and gave it a listen.  At eight, I was like every other kid in 1980, I was into KISS!  Later
in life I came to understand and realize the significance and talent that Roberta Flack was blessed with and I also appreciated my dad sharing part of his memories with me through music.

PHYSICAL by Olivia Newton John  1982

I have some really bad embarrassing moments when it comes to this song!  I remember “dancing” around and “getting physical” in my moms’ office in front of our console stereo (remember those?! They were huge)!  Thankfully, my parents never took photographs or home movies! Whew!  I’m safe from YouTube! My purple legwarmers and light blue headband met the Goodwill man long ago; let’s hope those never come back into style. OMG!  I forgot about how scarcely dressed those guys were!

END OF THE ROAD by Boyz II Men  1992

Wow! What a difference a decade made in music.  Between the 80’s and 90’s there was a major shift in what was being played on the radio.  1992 is the year I gave birth to my first son, Kyle.  In the beginning of all those boy bands at least these guys were soulful.  This one still brings a tear to my eyes.


HOW YOU REMIND ME by Nickelback  2002

Quirky, fun, Canadian Rock! I am a fan of Nickelback.  After grunge rock begins to die down, it’s nice to hear some guitar riffs that can make you move.  Although, still a bit corporate, Nickelback does bring my rocker generation together with my teenagers who have grown up on hip-hop, all of us like Nickelback. Even my die-hard grunge rocking husband.


Michele Forto is the lead trainer for Denver Dog Works and the co-host for Dog Works Radio Show.  She is also the Dog Training Examiner in Denver, Colorado and Anchorage, Alaska.