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A blooming flower

A cool breeze

A push on a swing

Clouds floating in the sky

 These are the things I remember

Mud puddles, splashing

Making mud pies

Digging with my toes

Scribbling in the mud

 These are the things I remember

 Climbing trees

Skipping rocks

Riding my bike

Roller skating

 These are the things I remember

 Childhood is a time of innocence

This innocence should be kept

In a secret place, in our hearts

So that when the pressure of adulthood

Gets to be to great

We can take our childhood out

And go play, like we did

 In the park

On the swings

Flying kites

Playing ball

Laying in the grass

Rolling down the hills

We did all of these things

 Just because

 This is why we should again…


Michele Forto is the lead trainer for Denver Dog Works and the co-host for Dog Works Radio Show.