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You found me alone and sad

You were able to open a closed door

Little by little you creep into my world

The farther inside you come

The harder it makes it for me to say goodbye…..

 Dark clouds live here inside my world

Despair is all around

But the further you travel to find me

The brighter the sky becomes

The despair turns into aspiration

Don’t give up your journey

You’re so close to finding me…..

 I can hear your heart beating

Listen close and you can hear mine

I’m so close, come take my breath away, like you always do….

 When you finally find me

Take me into your arms hold me close

Then you will remember my soul

Because you see we used to know each other

Somehow we lost on another along the way

So come back to me and brighten my world again…..

 When we lost each other

A great darkness filled me

Only you can bring back the sunshine

I only need you here with me, for just one day

Then I’ll have my piece of you that I need to survive…..