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Keep Me Forever

Hold my hand forever

Walk with me in the forest and on the beach

Teach me about you and I will teach you about me

Take care of me when I am sick

Reassure me when I am sad

Stand by me in times of need

Support me emotionally

 Through time our spiritual bond will grow

This will make our souls stronger

Through time we will see both good and bad times

Remember our spirituality and we will overcome all together

 Talk with me about your troubles no matter how bleak they may seem

Trust me to always be there for you

Always keep your dreams alive

Never forget your goals

For this is why I am in love with you

Never lose your childlike smile and passion

Always take each day for what it gives you

For there is good and bad in each day

It will be up to us how we end each day

We must follow our spirits

 Take my hand today and know that the bond will be forever tied

 MF 03/12/01

Michele Forto is the lead trainer for Denver Dog Works and the co-host for Dog Works Radio Show.