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A Vicious Cruel Woman

The Iditarod, is a vicious cruel woman.  She lures her prey with promises of riches, power, fame, and the feeling of ultimate freedom.  She calls out in a whisper to all who have ever stood on the back of a sled. Once you’re in her grasp there’s no turning back.  She captured the soul of my husband in 1993 and as much as he has tried he cannot escape her lure.  Living in Alaska and speaking with several friends/mushers who have attempted to tame her, he has come to see her for what she is and will only take to her trail on his terms.  She has a powerful friend, Mother Nature; the two of them have destroyed many men and women, reducing them to mere shadows of their former selves. The decision to move to Alaska was mutual and I am hopeful that my husband will learn not to trust Mother Nature in the vast tundra.  Many dogs have conquered Iditarod.  They are not lured by her promises of riches, power, or fame.  They simply do not need the vices of man to be free, they just need to run.  Listen to the dogs for they can tame Iditarod and can guide you through Mother Nature.

Michele Forto is the lead trainer for Denver Dog Works and the co-host for Dog Works Radio Show.