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After a much needed mini vacation it is finally time to sit down and get back into the swing of things. You see my husband is a major tech geek! So much so, he once owned a business named the Nerd Herd (long before the TV show on NBC).

Anyway, the vacation is over. We had a wonderful time at a movie premier, shopping at the Mall of America, driving on the back roads of America, stopping in Deadwood, South Dakota, and eventually returning to Denver and scoring tickets last minute to the Rockies game from our friend and player, Matt Daly.

So this evening I am learning how to utilize WordPress on my iPad. I am a few days behind in my blogging assignments because the trusty old Dell laptop is about to fry itself!


I have enjoyed using the iPad for just a few months now and I don’t use it everyday yet – mostly because I’ve been a PC for nearly 20 years and haven’t used any Apple equipment since 9th grade in high school and then getting to use the Apple computer in class was like winning the lottery! We still had those god awful MS DOS word processors.

So as I learn to navigate the “orchard” bear with me – I’m sure I’ll make several mistakes!
Michele Forto is the lead dog trainer for Denver Dog Works and the co-host for Dog Works Radio Show