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This week’s photo challenge: Water

This is Lake Oahe in South Dakota. It has a troubled history. Gettysburg is the nearest town to the submerged town of Forest City. When the Oahe Dam was built, Forest City was flooded. Forest City had a school run by the Bureau of Indian Affairs(BIA). To offset the loss of that school, Gettysburg was offered federal funds for a new water source (the existing well source had many problems) and other needs. To obtain these funds Gettysburg would have had to accept the BIA school. Gettysburg did not accept the funds or the school. In my opinion by the town of Gettyburg’s non-acceptance this is a direct profile of the United States policy towards Native Americas and “not in my backyard” way of thinking.

What do you think? 


Michele Forto is the CDO (Chief Dog Officer) of Denver Dog Works and the co-host of the popular Dog Works Radio Show