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Today’s Daily Post Topic is: If you got a tattoo what would it be?

All of us that contemplate getting a tattoo have our reasons. I didn’t get mine when I turned 18 as a right of passage. My first tattoo is both for a a testament to my past and my future and encompasses both. My second links me to my best friend.

The tattoo pictured below is a basic dog paw. Lots of people have them. It is only unique because it was drawn by my husband. You see he has a band of them around his left arm. The tattoo he has is elaborate and holds lots of meaning for him. Each paw represents a dog from his first dog team.

One day while visiting Minneapolis I decided to stop and get a tattoo. I was 29 years old and this would be my second tattoo. At this time my husband and were just good friends. While looking through the book my husband kept asking, “what about this one?” Over and over again. Finally I said, “how hard would it be to copy this one?!” And I pointed to my husbands’ left arm at one paw inparticular. The artist said that’s easy and got to work.

To my husbands surprise, I just linked us together forever. Guess he finally figured out I was committed.

Later he shared with me that the paw I chose belonged to his dog named Okoye. Okoye is with me in spirit every day. Although I never knew this dog in a way I like to believe his spirit brought us together.

Do you have any tattoos? Share your story.


Michele Forto is the lead trainer of Denver Dog Works and the co-host of the popular radio program, Dog Works Radio