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Surprises come in many forms, big packages, little packages or no package at all.  A surprise can be something you expect or something you didn’t expect.  It can be good news or bad news.  Most of us associate the word surprise with something positive.  But there are times when surprises harbor truly terrible news.

Some of you who follow my husbands’ blog are reading about Forto’s Fort and the adventures we are experiencing with a cabin built in circa 1976!  It was a surprise the day my daughter sent me a text message letting me know we bought the cabin and it was a surprise when I saw it in person!  I experienced both elation and disappointment in the same view.

My husband spent the winter in the Fort and he was in for even more surprises.  This week we are replacing the roof that from what I understand was not only not maintained but was patched incorrectly over the years. 

If you know the Forto’s then you know we don’t do anything half-way!  Whatever takes it will be done and it will be done better than before.  So Robert and our new friend Bill, a sprint musher, have been spending this week replacing and repairing our roof.

Surprise – we have bats!

Surprise – when the previous owners built an addition they brought the roof together with a one foot 2×4 and nothing else resulting in a four inch sagging gap!

Surprise – the roof is vented with dryer vents!

I’m sure there will be more surprises.  My husband keeps saying this must be what they call Alaskan construction.  I think it’s just shotty work done by the previous eight years of renters that lived in the cabin and didn’t care about the home at all.

Note to self: Remember the number one reason we bought the Forto’s Fort – the view of Mt. McKinley is spectacular!

 Michele Forto is the lead trainer for Denver Dog Works and the co-host for Dog Works Radio Show