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Describe Your First Job Interview……….

Interestingly enough I’ve only been interviewed three times for any job in my lifetime.  My first job was with McDonalds, which doesn’t sound like a big deal, it’s a rite of passage for nearly every teenager.  Well in my hometown McDonalds was a new thing in 1988!  We actually applied for, interviewed and trained in the neighboring town while our Mickey D’s was being built.

The job interview was fairly cut and dry.  I remember filling out the back of the tray paper and handing it to a short corporate-type man.  This was not my first job though.  I had worked at babysitting in the summers and I also worked inventory and cashier for my fathers’ video store.  In a sense this would be my first job working for the man!

What I learned; working for the corporation has its pluses and minuses.  For the most part it doesn’t really matter how hard you work it’s all in how that work is perceived by the so-called management, who at that time were kids I knew that were just two years older than myself with less job experience than myself.

No matter, I paid for three semesters of night school with that job before getting fed up after four years and deciding the College that Ronald built just wouldn’t do for me.

Michele Forto is the lead dog trainer for Denver Dog Works and the co-host of Dog Works Radio Show