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Who Annoys You More, Justin Beiber or Lady Gaga?

I’m new to the post-a-day blogging.  While I’ve been enjoying the challenging topics I’m rather perplexed by the topic today.  You see I’m a 38 year old mother of three teenagers – a child of the 80’s!  I’m not into bubble-gum pop music or Billboard .

I like artists who show talent, think outside the box, and don’t necessarily follow what their corporate record labels signed them up to do.  That being said and with all the controversy surrounding Lady Gaga with her catchy Billboard tunes – she reminds me of a young Madonna. I can say when I have heard her music and watched her performances she is entertaining and talented.  She is a powerful influence on young women and in my opinion she knows this and is showing youth of today that once you put your mind to something with hard work and determination you can accomplish your dreams.  Good for her!

Staying on topic, I’d say Justin Beiber annoys me more, but not necessarily him personally but more what his persona says to young girls and youth.  I’ve seen his performances, heard his songs and they are catchy but they sound like every other “boy-band” that’s been here and done that before.  He is a marketing protégé and his record label is using him successfully to sell their music.  Good.  But when you’re that young and you’re attracting girls as young as 9 years old into a not so innocent world of puppy love the image that is constantly broadcast is not reflecting well in the local middle and elementary schools in my opinion.

Kids get mixed messages.  BY NO MEANS, am I and advocate of censorship! Just the opposite. I allowed my children to listen to, watch, and play video games no matter what the rating.  But I monitored, educated and explained. Girls especially are being given mixed messages – they think that they should dress provocatively at age 10 because boys like it and boys think they should because that’s what the cool boy in the video did.

Michele Forto is the lead trainer for Denver Dog Works and the co-host Dog Works Radio Show