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The Story Of My Name

Well there’s no romantic story behind my name. Michele.  For a long time I was lead to believe that I was unique because I spell my name with one L, that turned out to be untrue!  My middle name Lynn (which I completely hate!) is after my mother’s twin sisters middle name.

Growing up with the unfamiliar spelling of my name in small town America meant that every year I entered a new grade in school the teacher would yell out our names for roll call and every year, every single year, I was called MICHAEL!  By age 8 I mustered up the courage to put an end to it and stand up on the first day of school after the other kids snickered and laughed, and said loud and clear, “My name is Michele!” I would continue that tradition through college.

My husband was the first “love-interest” that spelled my name correctly; by the way, I melt when he says it!

Other than that my name is pretty ordinary and not special at all.  Most people assume I’m French and then others say interesting French-Italian but you don’t look like either! HA! Maybe because I’m not.  I have to admit Michele Forto is rather romantic.

What’s the story of your name?

Michele Forto is the lead trainer at Denver Dog Works and the co-host for Dog Works Radio Show