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Today’s Daily Post suggestion: What occupation did you want as a child? 

As a young girl child, of course, I wanted to be a Veterinarian!  But as I went through school and had teacher after teacher say; “you should become an attorney.” I did all I could to stir clear of that career.  I graduated high school with honors in English and Economics.  I began community college during my Junior year of high school, seeking my first degree in general education with the aspiration of maybe becoming a kindergarten teacher.

Life got in the way, we moved to Oklahoma, I enrolled in a private college there and with much pressure enrolled in the Registered Nursing program.  I hated it.  I hated the germs, the smells, but mostly I hated the Thanksgiving dinners where my mother, brother, my sister-in-law, and grandmother discussed the hospitals!  I dropped out.

A few years and three kids later, I enrolled at yet another private college and got my associates degree in Paralegalism/Legal Assistant, how ironic, right?

Today, I am a Certified Dog Trainer specializing in training service dogs.  In a sense I became a teacher.  I enjoy teaching people and their dogs how to have better relationships.  I learn something new every day from my clients and their dogs.

I graduated from high school in 1990 it’s been quite a journey and as I look back while I write this I have no regrets and wouldn’t change what I’ve learned and experienced along the way.  Sure it would have been easier if I had followed the advice of my teachers and went to law school back in 1990 but I would have missed out on life.

In today’s work world you have the opportunity to have multiple careers I’m on my third and I’m already planning my fourth.  I can’t wait for the next adventure.


 Michele Forto is the lead trainer at Denver Dog Works and the co-host for the Dog Works Radio Show